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May 22, 2006

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 14k Gold Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring 
 1.46 ct tw Diamond Wedding Set 

 Diamond & Amethyst 18k Yellow Gold Ring 
 14k White & Yellow Gold Diamond Ring 
 Ruby & Diamond 18k Filigree Ring 
 Platinum & 3.33 ct tw Diamond Ring 

 Diamond Items
 14k Yellow Gold, Green Enamel and Diamond Bangle Bracelet 
 French Plantinum, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Brooch 
 18k White Gold and 3 ct tw Diamond Bangle bracelet 
 18k Gold Enamel Earrings with Diamonds and Emeralds 
 14k Yellow Gold, Diamond and Emerald Earrings 
 Platinum Earrings with Diamonds and Tsavorite Garnets 
 14k Gold Rock Crystal and a Diamond Pendant 
 14k Gold, 2.80 ct tw Blue Topaz and 1/2 ct tw Diamond Earrings 
 18k Gold Necklace with Peridot and Diamonds 
 14k White Gold Necklace with Amethyst and Diamonds 
 14k Gold and .33 CT Diamond Filigree Brooch; 1920s: White Gold Filigree 
 Vintage Platinum and Diamond Ladies Wrist Watch 
 Tennis Bracelet with 10 cts of Diamonds 
 Diamond & Opal 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet 
 Gold & Diamond Heart Necklace 
 Diamond & White Gold Watch 
 Platinum and 1.00 ct tw Diamond Ladies Art Deco Watch 
 Platinum and 3/4 ct tw Diamond Art Deco Ladies Watch 
 Diamond & Amethyst Earrings 
 Diamond & Lapis 70's 18k Bangle 
 Diamond & 14k White Gold Earrings 
 Diamond, Citrine & Amethyst Earrings 
 Diamond Solitaire Pendant in Platinum 
 Tiffany & Co. 18k & Diamond Earrings 

 Gemstone Items
 14k Yellow Gold and Pearl Earrings 
 Gold and pearl Leaf Necklace 
 Vintage 14k Yellow Gold and Pearl Ring 
 Edwardian Cuff Link earrings 
 Mabe Pearl and 14k Yellow Gold Earrings 
 18k Yellow Gold and Lapis Lazuli Ring 
 Long Mult-Strand Pearl Necklace 
 Unusual Shape Vintage 14k yellow Gold Ring with garnet 
 Mystic Topaz & 14k Gold Necklace 
 Faceted Green Stone Dome Ring 
 Beautiful Blue Zircon and 14K Yellow Gold Unisex Ring 
 Vintage Gold Filled and Amber Chunk Necklace 
 Dark Green Jade Bead necklace 
 Vintage Gold Filled and Butterscotch Amber necklace 
 Jade and 14k Yellow Gold Ring 
 Jade Band Ring 
 Brown Jade Ring 
 Narrow Jade Ring 
 Vintage Ivory Bead Necklace 
 Agate and 14k Yellow Gold Large Look Ring 
 Grey Pearl & 14k White Gold Earring 
 Charm Bracelet with Pearls 
 Gold Ring with Pearls and Sapphires 
 Diamond & Yellow Sapphire 18k Gold Ring 
 Bangle Bracelet 14k Gold & Pearls 
 Fresh Water Pearl & Gold Bead Necklace 
 Gold, Jade, Pearl and Ruby Butterfly Brooch 
 Gold, Lapis & Diamond Monkey Pendant 
 14k Gold Earrings with Pearl Centers 
 Pearl & Amethyst 14k Yellow Gold Necklace 
 Full Garnet Necklace 
 Clip Earrings with Garnets 
 Link Bracelet with Garnets 
 Round Pendant/Brooch Garnets 
 Oval Garnet Pendant/Brooch: Vintage 
 Cameo & Garnet Pendant/Brooch 
 Starburst Garnet Necklace 
 Silver Garnet Ring 
 18k Yellow Gold Ring 
 Gold & "Sapphire" Eternity Bands 
 Hard Stone Cameo & Gemstone Ring 
 Ivory, Gold & Ruby Netsuki Pendant 
 Graduated Pearl Vintage Necklace 
 Citrine Bracelet & Brooch Set 
 Persian Turquoise & Enameled Ring 
 Green Jade & 14k Gold Ring 
 Light Green Jade Pendant/Necklace 
 Citrine & 18k Yellow Gold Brooch 
 Persian Turquoise & 14k Gold Ring 
 Amethyst & Diamond 18k White Gold Ring 
 Diamond & Amethyst 18k Yellow Gold Ring 
 Coral Bead & 14k Necklace 
 Banded/Scottish Agate Bead & 10k Necklace 
 Persian Turquoise & Gold Ring 
 Persian Turquoise & Gold Earrings 
 Pearl, Amazonite & 14k Gold necklace 
 Amber & 18k Gold Earrings 
 Coral Drop Earrings 
 14k & Hematite Drop Earrings 

 Gold Jewelry
 Masonic Ring 
 Gold Bangle Bracelet 
 18k Yellow Gold Trinity Style Bands 
 Tiny Masonic Blackamoor Pin 
 14k Yellow Gold Trinity Band 
 18k TT Gold Unisex Link Bracelet 
 18k Yellow Gold and Enamel Gucci bands 
 18k Yellow Gold Victorian Revival Necklace 
 Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Pencil 
 14k Gold & CZ Engagement Ring 
 Charm Bracelet with Pearls 
 Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet 
 Moderne 14k Gold Bracelet 
 Gold Vintage Charm Bracelet 
 Designer Italian 14k Bracelet 
 Italian 1970's 18k Gold Bracelet 
 18k Gold Clip Back Vintage Earrings 
 Ivory & 18k Yellow Gold Bangle 
 Pimp My Necklace 
 Lindsay 14k Gold Brooch & Earrings 
 14k Gold Chased Bangle Bracelet 
 14k Gold & Enamel Cuff Links 
 Art Retro 18k Heavy Link Bracelet 
 Gold & Enamel Dolphin Ring 
 18k Yellow Gold Band 
 Pretty 14k Gold Earrings 
 Retro 14k Rose & Yellow Gold Bracelet 

 Art Deco-Retro
 Figural Ladies Compact 
 Gold Filled Pocket Watch 
 French Plantinum, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Brooch 
 Art Deco Enameled Cuff Links 
 14k Gold Seed Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace 
 Small Banded Agate Compact : Vintage 
 Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Platinum Ring 
 Retro Period Diamond & Emerald Ring 
 Sterling Silver and Enameled Box Necklace 
 Art Deco .31 ct Diamond Man's Ring 
 Art Retro 18k Yellow Gold Ring with Ruby and Tourmaline 
 A Sterling & Blue Glass Bow Brooch 
 Art Deco Period Enameled Cuff Links 
 Sterling F&B; Cuff Links 
 Gold Filled Art Retro Bow Earrings 
 Art Deco Green Bakelite Hand Mirror 
 Cherry Amber Bead Necklace 
 Diamond & Gold Art Retro Ring 
 Opera Length Black Glass necklace 
 Faceted Cherry Amber Bead necklace 
 Platinon Lorgnette Chain 
 Ivory, Gold & Ruby Netsuki Pendant 
 Short Translucent Amber Bead Necklace 
 Art Retro Period Bucherer Brooch Watch 
 Platinum and 1.00 ct tw Diamond Ladies Art Deco Watch 
 Platinum and 3/4 ct tw Diamond Art Deco Ladies Watch 
 Heavy 22k Gold 1940's Necklace 
 Art Retro 14k Ring with Diamonds 
 Citrine & 18k Rose Gold Ring 
 Mans Art Retro Diamond Ring 
 Mans 18k Rose Gold Ring 
 Filigree 20k Gold Ring & Solitaire Diamond 
 14k White & Yellow Gold Diamond Ring 
 Udall & Ballou Mathey Tissot Mans Watch 
 Lindsay 14k Gold Brooch & Earrings 
 Sterling & Paste Ring 
 14k Gold & Enamel Cuff Links 
 Celluloid & Rhinestone Hair Comb 
 Art Retro 18k Heavy Link Bracelet 
 Bow & Circle Brooch with Gems 
 Coral Drop Earrings 
 Retro 14k Rose & Yellow Gold Bracelet 
 Enameled Cuff Links 

 Gold Filled "Hayward" Ciff Links 
 Ladies Gold Filled Watch Chain 
 Edwardian Silver Ladies Watch Chain with Slide 
 14k Yellow Gold Ladies Pendant Watch 
 Rose Gold Filled Ladies Watch Chain 
 Edwardian 10k Yellow Gold Sash Pin 
 Antique 14k Yellow Gold Ladies Watch Chain and Slide 
 Edwardian 14k Yellow Gold Cameo and Seed pearl brooch 
 14k Gold and .33 CT Diamond Filigree Brooch; 1920s: White Gold Filigree 
 Gold Filled Locket 
 Oval Black Glass Hat Pin 
 Round Black Glass Hat Pin 
 Gold Filled Gents Pocket Watch Chain 
 Gold Plated & Amethyst Bangle 
 Art Nouveau Gold & Coral Brooch 
 Edwardian Period 14k Gold & Diamond Ring 
 Ruby & Diamond 18k Filigree Ring 
 Celluloid & Rhinestone Comb 
 Edwardian White Sapphire Brooch 

 Tiny Victorian Garnet brooch 
 Antique English Chased Sterling Vinaigrette 
 Antique 14k Yellow Gold and Enamel Sword Pin 
 Gold Filled Victorian Bracelet 
 18k Yellow Gold Victorian Revival Necklace 
 Large Antique Cut Steel Belt Ornament 
 Sterling Silver Locket Necklace 
 Gutta-percha Victorian Set 
 Victorian Painted Porcelain Set 
 Gutta Percha Mourning Locket Necklace 
 Sterling Silver Victorian Bracelet 
 Antique Amber Comb 
 Antique Amber Brooch 
 Amber & 18k Gold Earrings 

 Sterling Silver & Marcasite Earrings 
 Earring & Necklace Handmade Set 
 Gold Washed Sterling Silver Bracelet 
 Small Sterling & Marcasite Earrings 
 Vintage Mexican Silver Brooch and Earrings 
 Sterling Silver Trinity Ring 
 Danecraft Sterling Trinity Ring 
 Edwardian Silver Ladies Watch Chain with Slide 
 Butterfly Brooch in Sterling Silver 
 Sterling Silver Danecraft Brooch 
 Sterling Silver and Enameled Box Necklace 
 Sterling Silver Eisenhower Silver Dollar Pendant 
 Sterling Silver Pendant with a 1921 Silver Dollar 
 Malachite & Copper Bangle 
 Antique English Chased Sterling Vinaigrette 
 Vintage Sterling Silver Germany Cuff Links 
 Vintage Sterling Silver Watch Chain 
 Tortoise Shell Bangle Bracelet #3 
 Tortoise Bangle Bracelet #2 
 Tortoise Bangle Bracelet #1 
 Taxco Sterling Silver Buckle Ring 
 Unusual Sterling Silver Ring 
 Turquoise & Coral Necklace 
 Vintage Silver and Enamel Necklace with pearls 
 Elgin American Sterling Cig Case 
 Vintage Mexico Sterling Silver Bracelet 
 Vintage Tiffany & Co. Sterling Key Chain 
 A Sterling & Blue Glass Bow Brooch 
 Vintage Sterling Silver and Agate Ring 
 Vintage Sterling Silver and Gemstone Ring 
 Vintage Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Plated Ring with Rock Crystals 
 Vintage Sterling Silver and Garnet Ring 
 Sterling Silver Narrow Cuffs 
 Vintage Butterscotch Amber Pendant Necklace 
 Horn Bangle Bracelet 
 Vintage Sterling Silver Rosery 
 Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelet 
 Vintage Carved Ivory Ring 
 Tortoise Shell Ring 
 1960's Vintage Hair Clip 
 Brass Narrow Cuffs 
 Bangle Bracelet with Cartier Style Design 
 Banded Agate Necklace 
 Sterling, Pearl & Inlay Bruria Earrings 
 Elephant Hair Ring 
 Multi Metal Cuff Links Mexico 
 Brown Coral Bangle 
 Ebony & Silver Inlay Bangle 
 Hobe? Silver & Faux Citrine Ring 
 Horn and Brass or Gold Filled Bangle 
 Reed & Barton Sterling Good Luck Whistle 
 Three Taxco Sterling Silver Bangles 
 Sterling, Enamel, & CZ Bangle Bracelet 
 Sterling, CZ, & Blue Enamel Bangle Bracelet 
 Sterling, CZ, Enamel Bangle Bracelet 
 1973 Reed & Barton Christmas Cross 
 Coral & Mother of Pearl Necklace 
 Carved Ivory Bangle 
 Silver & Coral Dragon Ring 
 Sterling Silver Hobe Like Brooch 
 Sterling Silver Geometric Bracelet 
 Sterling Silver Link Bracelet 
 Interlocking Sterling Bangle Bracelets 
 Short Translucent Amber Bead Necklace 
 Napier Gold Washed Sterling Earrings 
 Sterling Silver & Canary CZ Ring 
 Sterling & Paste Ring 
 Napier Sterling Link Bracelet 
 Gold Washed Sterling & Enamel Earrings 
 Yellow Enamel Daisy Earrings 
 Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet 
 Wood & Silver Moderne Earrings 
 Ivory & Silver Sea Horse Earrings 
 Sterling & Marcasite Ring with Cameo 
 Amber Cuff Links 
 Old Chinese Silver Bangle Bracelet 
 Gruen Cuff Watch in Sterling Silver 
 Sterling Cuff Links Dogs 
 Sterling Bead Necklace 
 Black Coral & Pearl Cuff Links 
 Handmade Brass Ring 
 Agate & Sterling "Cactus" Ring 
 Sterling & Blue Stone Ring 
 Amber & Leather Necklace 
 Sterling & Turquoise Concho Belt 
 Silver & Coral Italian Charm Bracelet 
 Sterling & Paste Heart Pendant 
 Horn Stretch Bracelet 

 Les Bernard Necklace 
 Coro Craft Sterling Bird Brooch 
 Multi Colored Celluloid Brooch 
 Renoir Copper belt 
 Trifari Necklace 
 Chatelaine Style Brooch: Moon and Falling Stars: 1940s 
 1984 Official Olympics Pin 
 Celluloid & Chalk Necklace 
 Halston Compact & Lipstick Case 
 Kreisler Quality Cuff Links 
 Vintage Deco Bakelite and Sterling Silver brooch 
 Vintage Chanel Faux Pearl Earrings 
 Gold Filled Hair Combs 
 Faceted Bakelite Bead Necklace 
 Flower on Bow Pin 
 Apex Art Rhinestone Earrings 
 Plastic and Rhinestone Apex Art Bold necklace 
 Blue Rhinestone Brooch 
 Plastic Polka Dot Earrings 
 Fun Yellow Bead & Shell Necklace 
 Vintage 1980s Gold Plated and Enamel Earrings 
 Whiting & Davis Co. Gold mesh Bib Necklace 
 Gold Plated and Tigers Eye Scarab Ring 

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